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Shenzhen Kangva Technology Co,. Ltd is founded in 2007 and is a joint venture ShenZhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIAT) . The company is located in Shenzhen University Tow. With a mission of way to low-cost health, we develop a low-cost distributed health checkup system, multiple-functional health checkup bed and mobile medical care products of family health. These products and technologies also fit the strategical requirement of the nation. With these independent intellectual property products, we will establish better cooperative relationships with community hospitals, health checkup center and other enterprises in Guangdong & Hongkong area, eventually all over the country step by step. The aim is to promote a comprehensive and reasonable development of health industry, and achieve pervasive health for any people anywhere at any time.
Our obligation is to achieve civil low-cost healthcare. With R&D operations of low-cost health checkup products and applications of high-technical, integrated and information-based ways, we develop low-cost healthcare projects to reduce the health checkup expenses of one person to 50 RMB.
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