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Multifunctional Health-Check System
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Distributed Health Checkup System
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Students Health Checkup System

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Multifunctional Health-Check System MH-200

Product definition: MH-200 was the latest developed multi-functional luxury health checkup system launched by Shenzhen Kangva Technology Co., Ltd. MH-200 offer service professionally and from all aspects of health checkup.


MH-200 is a kind of digital health checkup bed which has height measurement, weight measurement, ultrasound imaging systems, ECG, multi-parameter monitor, EEG, antepartum monitor, transcranial color Doppler(TCD) and management of health experts consultation. The main functions are as follows:

*Transcranial Color Doppler(TCD) diagnosis system

*Electroencephalogram diagnosis system

*Fetal health monitoring system

*Digital Twelve Channels ECG

*Professional Ultrasound Imaging Systems (the other option: color Doppler ultrasound)

*Multi-parameter Monitor-system (eg, blood oxygen, heart rate etc.)

*Health data management system

*Online experts consultation software and diagnosis system

*Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) automatic input and recognition function

*Ultrasonic Height Measurement and digital horizontal type Weight Measurement

*Noninvasive duel-purpose technologies of upper arm and the leg blood pressure measurement

*Support Ethernet LAN/WLAN network

*Ethernet LAN/WLAN online report printing is available

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